re-pointing brickwork

The exterior of any home or property has character, by preserving and/or restoring this you can retain and add significant value to each individual property.

It is possibly the most significant element to maintaining the ‘health’ of the wall and enhancing the appearance. The correct repointing can assist in waterproofing and stabilizing the walls of the structure, extend the life of the wall and individual stones and enhance the visual qualities of natural stone walls. The importance of this cannot be over-emphasised. Incorrect pointing can seriously reduce the performance of a wall and by implication a building. Water can become trapped behind dense mortar and not evaporate out, physical damage to stone and brick can result from poor work.

With over 34 years experience GAP Restoration are the right choice for a professional, guaranteed quality of workmanship when choosing a company to undertake your repointing requirements.  Why not contact us today for a free no obligation quote.

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